The Ultimate and Attainable 5-Week Detox

Contemplation. Preparation. Action. Let’s do this!

New Years Eve has come and gone and we’ve all made our resolutions designed to create a better version of ourselves. Whether we’re promising to forgive, forget, be kind or get well, setting and meeting a goal, no matter how seemingly attainable, is never easy; that’s why they call it a challenge. The good news is, once you’re ready to make the jump, it’s easy as sugar-free pie, especially if that goal is to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a resolution

The problems with resolutions are many, including having to work off someone else’s clock. Embracing healthy living shouldn’t be a resolution that comes around once a year; it should be a mind-set, a lifestyle, a long-term goal to improve both body, and your mind.

Start with a workout, end with a juice cleanse

So, what do you think? Are you ready? If you’ve been contemplating making a physical change for the better, we invite you to participate in the 5-week detox challenge. Working within your own comfort zone, schedule and abilities, we will help guide you towards a healthy lifestyle, starting with exercise and ending with a delicious juice cleanse. Here we go!