Claudia Teicher

Claudia, yoga teacher at O2 Living in Cross River, NY home of Living Juice

A former elementary school teacher, Claudia Teacher needed to leave the job she loved to manage the needs of her family, especially her son Max who has Autism. As a former fitness instructor and musical theater geek, movement called again and Yoga found Claudia during this stressful time. "I learned that this system helps you walk through life with a little more ease and grace." Studying first through Yoga-fit and realizing it wasn't nearly enough, Claudia completed the Om Yoga 200-hour teacher training and has since studied with many top teachers of various styles. She is deeply grateful to them all. Claudia has gone from part time teaching to full time and making teaching a big part of her own personal "practice." "You refine your physical practice, your mindfulness practice and you also refine your teaching practice over and over again." Claudia prides herself on physical challenging, creatively sequenced classes based on a sound alignment, breath, humor and a pragmatic look at philosophy. 

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