Based on CDC and local government guidelines, O2 Living Sanctuary will re-open on Tuesday September 8th in Cross River. We will be working diligently with CDC and local governments to ensure a safe space.

Kristi Gione

Kristi Gione -yoga teacher at O2 Living holistic spa and yoga studio headquarters of organic cold-pressed Living JuiceKristi became curious about the untapped strength within her body as she prepared for the birth of her daughter.   She discovered that yoga afforded her a way to appreciate the journey toward the goal of a healthy baby.  As a mother and story-teller Kristi offers classes that challenge beginner yogis and seasoned practitioners alike.  She embraces a student-centered philosophy which puts the goals, needs, and development of her students ahead of any prescriptive method of instruction.  She is also committed to sharing the full experience of a complete practice rather than limiting her teaching to just the physical poses.  Her high-energy classes will take you on a journey of self-discovery using music and movement to stimulate the outer body and connect students to a deeper inner awareness. 
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