Sarah Cutler

Sarah J. Cutler, VMD is a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor and a practicing small-animal veterinarian. She completed her Sat Shakti teacher training under Liz Schulman in May 2017. Sarah has found the practice of yoga to be extremely beneficial to her practice of veterinary medicine and balancing home and career, and she wants to share that! She is particularly interested in how yoga helps relieve mental and physical stress related to working in the healthcare fields. She is constantly working to integrate breathing, stretching, and balancing exercises into the workplace and/or a busy home life  and wants to show how everyone can benefit from yoga  throughout their day and not just in a class. 

Sarah’s deep love and respect for animals and the great outdoors has been with her throughout her life. In her free time you may find her (or not) walking her dogs deep in the woods or doing her home practice with a few feline friends on her mat. Finding kindred spirits in animals and working with and for the people that take care of them has only been enhanced by the practice of yoga and the mindfulness  that comes with it. 

At O2 Living Sarah teaches an introductory class called “Yoga Basics” where the focus is on learning the fundamental aspects of Vinyasa  (flow yoga) in an accessible manner for those individuals brand new to yoga, or for those who are interested in reviewing. All are welcome!   She is also available for all levels of Vinyasa and leads wellness workshops for members of the veterinary profession. 


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