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  • Living Juice Organic, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices for delivery



A Fruit and Vegetable Winter Wonderland

December 08, 2018

This winter eat seasonally with this list of organic fruits and vegetables in season for winter
'Tis always the season for fruits and vegetables! We have access to raw, organic food all year round, but to optimize our healthy eating habits, it helps to know which fruits and vegetables are in season. Read this list to stock up on winter fruits and veggies, plus find some of our healthy recipes to try!  Read More
Goodbye Hectic Holidays

December 01, 2018

Family gathered for holiday meal - reduce your stress this holiday season with these tips from O2 Living, makers of organic, cold-pressed Living JuiceWhile the holiday season should be filled with joy and relaxation, many of us spend time stressing about creating the perfect meal, the perfect family gathering or the perfect gift. It's a vicious cycle. But if we eliminate stress, we eliminate the time wasted on stress and increase our time spent with friends and family. This year enjoy a stress-free holiday by following these tips! Read More
Gratitude for Your Health

November 22, 2018

At O2 Living and Living Juice, we're giving thanks for our health and our bodies this ThanksgivingIt's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and with it a time of gratitude and expressing thanks. Each year we come together with family and friends to show our thanks and share a delicious meal. Often enough, we forget to be thankful for our health and the health of our families and friends. This year we're going to give thanks to our bodies and our health! Read More
What is hemp extract? What can it do for you?

November 17, 2018

O2 Living Health and Wellness products feature hemp extract with many health benefits
Hemp extract (or CBD - cannabidiol) is one of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant. There are many health benefits to hemp extract, and hemp extract has been used for many years as a natural and holistic treatment for inflammation, pain relief, depression and more. Scientific evidence is accumulating giving hemp extract oil more backing and added popularity when it comes to natural treatments.  Read More