Celebrating Spring at O2 Living Wellness Center, Cross River, New York

April 26, 2017

Come celebrate rebirth and renewal for spring at O2 Living Wellness Center in Cross River, NY this May 4th from 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Enjoy yoga, guided imagery, cold-pressed organic juices, massage, art, wine and discount shopping! Read More
Granola: The Not-Necessarily-Healthy Health Food

April 20, 2017

Granola is marketed as a health food, but given the loads of sugar in many brands, you’d be better off with a Krispy Kreme donut. Or two. In fact, the New York Times recently called granola “junk food in disguise,” noting that while a Nature Valley variety can have 30 grams of sugar per cup, a slice of chocolate cake – with icing – has 26.

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Cleaning Up

April 10, 2017

I’ll join the chorus of juice cleanse advocates – detoxing has its benefits. It’s not a miracle cure, and it’s not for everyone. And yes, as skeptics point out, when it comes to removing toxins, that’s what your liver is for. Read More