Hot Yoga. All Reasons. All Seasons.


When we opened our studio in Cross River our goal was to spread the benefits of yoga to the Westchester Community and share the experience of living yoga with as many as we could.  Our Hot Vinyasa classes have been of the most popular since our inception… why you ask?

People are beginning to realize the value of practicing in a heated room.  With temperatures upwards of 100F and humidity reaching 60% I’m sure you’re wondering where the benefits come into play.

When we spoke to our members they told us that they either enjoyed the heat or absolutely hated it.  Either way, every member was so happy that they gave the Hot Yoga class a try.

For those who enjoyed the heat, they found the added challenge of staying present and controlling their breathing patterns regardless of the heat and humidity to be empowering. 

If you’ve ever practiced yoga and have never tried Hot Vinyasa you must give it a try. Check out some of our favorite reasons for attending a class:

  1. Practicing yoga in a heated room is like meditating in the sun.  Your thoughts are free; your muscles are relaxed and flexible and the warmth allows your body to move seamlessly from posture to posture.
  2. Yoga is the promotion of mind, body, and spirit… right?  Well, attending a hot yoga class really tests ones ability to make that internal connection.  The heat and humidity can really be outside of your comfort zone, but take the leap and you’ll be surprised with what you can accomplish.  If you’re looking for balance in your life, look no further than a yoga class.
  3. The hot yoga glow. Yes, it’s real. The 75-minute class does wonders for the skin.  After just a session or two in that humid room you will really see a difference in your skins feel and appearance.
  4. Practicing yoga in general will help you fight off a cold or the flu but hot yoga really takes improving your overall wellness to the next level.  The high temperatures will force all the nasty toxins and viruses out of your system.

Think hot yoga might be for you?  Check out our class schedule and book your spot today!

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