How Yoga and Healthy Eating Help Manage Chronic Pain

How Yoga and Healthy Eating Help Manage Chronic Pain

As a wellness center committed to whole body care and healthy living, Living Juice aims to bring awareness to life-threatening diseases, particularly those that can be helped through yoga or by enjoying a healthy diet supported by the ingredients we use in our raw kitchen, and our organic line of cold-pressed juice.

Earlier this month, Living Juice proudly hosted local author Allie Cashel for a reading and discussion of her recently published book “Suffering the Silence”. The aim of the discussion was to bring attention to Chronic Lyme disease, and the suffering of those whose pain is often ignored or denied by the medical community at large.

Lingering Symptoms for Over 10% of Patients

Allie herself has been battling the symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease for 16 years. During that time, Allie has struggled with both trauma and depression in the face of the serious illness that threatened her emotionally, mentally and physically; and she’s not alone.

According to The Wall Street Journal, as many as 10% of patients treated for Lyme disease, the most common tick-borne disease in the United States, experience ongoing symptoms for months or years following treatment. These symptoms include severe muscle and joint pain, in addition to fatigue and cognitive difficulties.

Coping over Curing: A Focus on Yoga and Healthy Eating

For those living with a chronic illness, managing the symptoms is often more important than finding a cure. This is done primarily by integrating lifestyle changes that help to manage ongoing pain, the most uncomfortable of which for Chronic Lyme disease patients, is inflammation.

Finding ways to sleep comfortably is often a struggle for those who suffer from chronic pain, and is one of the reasons that yoga, through its ability to lessen tension in the muscles and relieve stress, is a favored exercise for Chronic Lyme patients. Maintaining a healthy diet is also integral to managing the ongoing symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease. According to Tired of Lyme, foods like lemon, parsley and kale – all ingredients found in our raw, cold-pressed, organic juice – are widely consumed by the Chronic Lyme community in order to keep inflammation at bay and boost their ability to fight disease.

Allie’s book supports an ongoing campaign that encourages those battling Chronic Lyme disease to share their stories and seek out treatment. It also reminds them they’re not alone.

If you’re battling with Chronic Lyme Disease, know someone who is, or would like to know more about Allie Cashel, please visit

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