Beetroot juice: Why athletes are swearing by the new trend

Beetroot juice: Why athletes are swearing by the new trend

Beets have been prized for their nutritional benefits for centuries, but have increased in popularity in recent years. Specifically being used by athletes, beetroot juice has become the next big thing. The unique chemical profiles of beets are the stem of the nutritional benefits the root vegetable gives off.

Lowering blood pressure, detoxifying your body, boosting energy and improving blood flow are only a few of the benefits received from the nitrate rich vegetable. The packed nitrates in the beets are converted to nitric oxide, which increases blood flow capacity and lowers the amount of oxygen your muscles need, which may be why athletes are sticking to beet juice before they compete.

Since athletes are able to use oxygen more efficiently, this results in a huge increase in their power, allowing them to be able to run, swim, and cycle faster as well as move more efficiently. Since the oxygen is being controlled, athletes are able to improve their exercise capacity and improve their endurance.

Enjoying a glass of beetroot juice before your next workout may just provide the boost you need!

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