Clean Label Movement: Transparency in Juice Ingredients

Clean Label Movement: Transparency in Juice Ingredients

We can all admit we have been there, parched, after a long run and looked for something sweet to quench our thirst. You catch yourself reaching for the bright red juice sitting in your refrigerator when all of a sudden, you are hit with the realization you have no idea what it is you are actually consuming. In a panic, you turn the bottle around, only to find that you do not understand what a single ingredient entails. 

Fear not, for a cleaner, crisper, and palatable drink is here! At Living Juice, we pride ourselves on being a healthy alternative for those who always have to have their fun drink. With a wide variety of health benefits, our drinks are both tasty and good for the body. 

the clean label movement

Why Living Juice?

Living Juice is made by juicers with juicers in mind. This means that we not only use the cleanest, raw ingredients, but also, that we take the time and effort to craft our juices to perfection, with none of the extra additives. Who has time in their life for anything extra! 

One of our most important initiatives is to reassure our fellow juice drinkers that they can turn our bottle over and read only ingredients they understand and could eat on their own. However, we think it is much more fun to have it in the form of a juice. 

Whether you are looking for a tasty drink or a full juice cleanse, Living Juice is dedicated to making sure you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

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