New to Cold-Pressed Juice? Here's the Scoop!

New to Cold-Pressed Juice? Here's the Scoop!

Cold-pressed juice has hit the mainstream, and it’s not just celebrities and supermodels that are turning to it as a clean living assist. So, what’s the deal with this juice trend?



In short: A hydraulic press is used to crush fruits and vegetables with extreme pressure to maximize the nutrients extracted from the fresh ingredients. Without any aid of heat, certain enzymes and nutrients within the fruits and vegetables can be preserved, leaving you left with nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juice only.

The process also leads to the elimination of harmful bacteria, while maintaining a higher yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Many unpasteurized juices contain harmful bacteria, in fact certain ones are able to slip past the treatments or have simply become immune to it. With the high pressure processing, harmful bacteria are eliminated, so you can enjoy your juice without worrying about a thing! 

It’s commonly thought that fruit juices are loaded with sugar and lack the real nutrients that a whole fruit would, but the cold- pressed juicing process proves that wrong. Without the heat, none of the nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables are extracted - meaning your cold-pressed juice are packed with nutrients! 

At Living Juice, we like to say life should never be watered down. Why? Because our juices aren’t! The cold-pressed juicing process makes it easy to keep the flavor of the ingredients prominent, which means nothing else has to be added to make it tasty (yes, that includes added sugars and sweeteners!).   

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