Green for Mental Health Awareness Month

Green for Mental Health Awareness Month

Green Caps for Mental Health Month! 

Living Juice and JCK FoundationIn uncertain times likes these, we know our health and well-being -mind, body and spirit - are more crucial than ever. That's why, this May, organic, cold-pressed Living Juices are getting a new look for mental health month and awareness with green bottle caps! Green is the color for mental health representing strength, hope, support, and encouragement for all with mental health issues. 

At O2 Living, we feel there can be no health without mental health. We're hoping to spread awareness for mental health and the message that mental health is something everyone should care about! This month, we're partnering with and donating a portion of our sales to the JCK Foundation

Be on the lookout

This month be on the lookout for our green caps in stores and online! We'll also be featuring the JCK Foundation in upcoming blogs and sharing more about the foundation and its history. We'll be posting blogs about mental health issues and even include some recipes that may improve mental health! 

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