Importance of Drinking Water

Highlighting the importance of drinking water during a juice cleanse

How To Do A Juice Cleanse Effectively: The Importance Of Drinking Water

Juice cleanses have many benefits, including increasing energy, reducing bloating, boosting the immune system, normalizing digestion, and reducing inflammation. If you’re feeling unenergized or unhealthy, a juice cleanse is the perfect way to get your mind and body to bounce back!

Drinking water during a juice cleanse

Living Juice Cold Pressed Juices

Here at Living Juice, we have a variety of options to offer you for your juice cleanse. We have a total of 6 cold pressed juices ready for you to explore:


  • Green Vitality
    • 100% Cold Pressed Kale, Cucumber, Lemon, Celery, Fennel, Parsley Juice


  • Fresh Start
    • 100% Cold Pressed Lemon, Apple And Ginger Juice


  • Pineapple Punch
    • 100% Cold Pressed Pineapple, Kale And Apple Juice


  • Carrot Kick
    • 100% Cold Pressed Carrot, Orange And Yellow Beet Juice


  • Red Radiance
    • 100% Cold Pressed Strawberry, Beet And Red Apple Juice


  • Watermelon Mint
    • 100% Cold Pressed Watermelon, Mint, And Lime


We sell these juices in standard 12-ounce bottles, as well as in mini 4-ounce bottles. You can build a box of 6 juices or try our 8-bottle juice cleanse and juice fast options. 


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Juice Cleanse

Now that you know our juice offerings, we want to ensure that you know how to maximize the results of your cleanse. First, you should drink a total of 8 juices throughout the day. Juices should be spread out in relatively equal intervals.

Here is an example schedule:

9:30 AM – Juice #1


11:30 AM – Juice #2


1:00 PM – Juice #3


2:30 PM – Juice #4


4:30 PM – Juice #5


6:30 PM – Juice #6


7:30 PM – Juice #7


9:00 PM – Juice #8


Next, you should avoid consuming anything other than water and juice during the duration of your cleanse. If you feel that you must eat, raw fruits and vegetables are the best foods to consume. Of course, if you find yourself experiencing health issues that prevent you from completing your cleanse, it is imperative that you put your health needs first.

Lastly, drinking water plays a critical role in getting rid of toxins in the body during a juice cleanse. Additionally, drinking water consistently throughout a juice cleanse is crucial to staying hydrated. You should drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water every day during a cleanse. Try alternating between a glass of water and a glass of juice or at least make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water.


Water Is Necessary During A Juice Cleanse

It is important to remember that water is an essential fluid humans need to survive. Water plays a number of important roles, such as getting rid of bodily wastes, protecting tissues, and keeping your body temperature within a normal range. 

During a juice cleanse, it is still necessary to consume lots of water. In fact, it aids the process and helps your body eliminate waste faster. For the best results from a cleanse, drinking water is key.


Cleanse With Us

Whether you want to cleanse for one day or one week, Living Juice is here to help you during your journey. Enjoy our juices, stay hydrated, and feel your body reset!


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