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How to De-clutter Your Mind

Everyone can feel overwhelmed sometimes. Though exhausting, there are steps we can take to actively clear our heads and provide some relief. Check out these tips for de-cluttering your mind.


Cleaning physical spaces

It’s well known that decluttering your living spaces can have the effect of clearing your mind. Cleaning is a satisfying activity, and there are few better feelings than enjoying the serenity of a spotless room. Plus, you’ll have one less thing on your mind, especially if you’ve been procrastinating tidying up.


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One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is to give yourself an extended moment of peace, serenity, and quiet. 

For a basic meditative practice, find a comfortable chair or seat on the ground. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. After settling in, breathe naturally, and focus all your attention on your breath. 

As thoughts flow into your mind -- and they will -- simply observe them instead of attaching yourself to them. After a thought has passed. Refocus on your breath. Continue to do this for as long as you wish. 
For more detailed, guided explanations, there are plenty of helpful free videos on youtube.



Do one thing for yourself that you purely enjoy-- it can be cooking a nice warm meal, watching your favorite tv show, or going for a walk in nature. Take some time to do things you love. It's a great way to practice self compassion, and to take some pressure off.


Technology break

Put your phone down for an hour or two and pick up a book. The act of reading itself is meditative. With the words to concentrate on and a story to piece together, your mind can really focus in without outside distractions.

Doing this before bedtime or first thing in the morning is especially effective. In the morning, it gives you an opportunity to wake up without the distractions of the outside world. In the evening, it allows your mind to rest and release the stress of the day, all without the circadian-jostling effect of the blue light of screens.

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