Introducing... Watermelon Lime Mint

Introducing... Watermelon Lime Mint

The newest Living Juice is here and just in time for the summer! Living Juice is excited to announce our newest flavor...

Watermelon Lime Mint 

Watermelon lime mint Living Juice

The perfect summer juice combines hydrating and refreshingly sweet watermelon, with the bright flavor of lime and fresh mint for the perfect summer juice. 

Order yours today and enjoy $15 shipping nationwide!  

Non-gmo watermelon lime mint Living Juice

Watermelon and mint come together for a perfectly refreshing and healthy drink. Not just hydrating, this juice is packed with vitamins and trace minerals from watermelon, lime and mint!

  • Vitamins: A, B6, C, K 
  • Trace Minerals: Magnesium and Potassium 
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