Not all Carbs are Equal!



Carbohydrates (carbs), are where your body gets most of the fuel it needs for walking, yoga, dancing (you name it!) and digestion. In order to access that fuel, your body needs to break the carbs down and convert them to sugar known as glucose.  

 But... not all carbs are equal! There are simple carbs such as cane sugar, beet sugar, corn sugar, honey syrup which are all made up of small sugar molecules or "simple sugars."  These sugars are digested quickly and often send a rush of glucose into your blood.  This experience sets off a sugar "HIGH' in your blood stream.  A short time later you experience a "CRASH" which leaves you feeling tired.

 Quinoa, legume, fresh fruits  and vegetables are made up of much more complicated sugar molecules (complex carbs).  It's much harder for your body to break these complex sugars down to covert them to glucose. Digestion therefore takes longer, and the sugars are released into your blood stream at a slow steadier pace.  The faster your body digests food the quicker you will return to food.  Foods that require work will leave you feeling hungry for longer and will be less likely to lead you to eat. Depending on what your body needs, you may need one type of carb over another.

When you juice your fresh fruits and vegetables, your body receives a higher quantity of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, proteins and complex carbs. You'll get the energy you need but won't risk the crash! Check out organic Living Juices when you're looking for your next source of fuel! 


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