O2 Living Sanctuary Welcomes New Owners!

Future of Wellness

After more than five years of concept development and testing, O2 Living is embarking on a new adventure. With the growth of Living Juice and the O2 Living Sanctuary health and wellness (complete with holistic spas and yoga studios), we have decided to franchise our wellness sanctuaries and expand the pipeline of premium wellness beverages, health and beauty products. 

Introducing the O2 Living Sanctuary

Jen and Mario - O2 Living Sanctuary franchise owners - makers of organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living JuiceO2 Living has sold their first franchise to Jennifer Pignone and husband Mario Loor a partnership sure to expand services at O2 Living Village. "We have known Rosemary for a long time and with admiration, followed her progress and success as a leader and entrepreneur. We are delighted to have been awarded the first franchise of many more to follow" stated Jen Pignone.
When Jen and Mario proposed to buy the franchise, I knew the charming village would be in very good hands. At O2 Living, we see the future of medicine to treat the whole person, integrating mind/body. The practice of Mind/Body Medicine is the future of Healing, specifically the ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors together, can directly affect health and will be known as the holistic approach to wellbeing. Scientific evidence has created new areas of study and healing, and we are sure to see Mind/Body Medicine grow in the coming years.
The O2 Living Sanctuary model incorporates aspects of wellness to address the whole person, combining yoga, in-person and virtual classes, CBD (hemp extract) products and beverages, therapeutic massages, in-person and virtual consults, and plant-based food and beverage options. These can be all be done separately, or in connection with pharmacological or other modern medical treatments. O2 Living Sanctuaries will be the future of medicine and well-being. 
Jen and Mario - first O2 Living Sanctuary franchise owners - makers of organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable Living JuiceWe will continue to update you on all O2 exciting happenings in the upcoming weeks. We hope that you stay well, and we look forward to returning to a more normal O2 soon. 
Wishing Jen and Mario heartfelt congratulations!
-Rosemary Devlin