Raw Food: What is it? Let’s start with what it’s not.

It is not a commitment to living a life entirely void of flavor.

It doesn’t mean having to invest in equipment you’ve never heard of it or buying ingredients that come in jars twice as small and cost four times as much.

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Who said the holidays have to be stressful? We agree that entertaining, parties, gift shopping, and travelling can catch up with you, leaving you feeling a tad overwhelmed – to the say the least. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and we have a strategy to help your get through the holiday season feeling relaxed and enjoying family, friends and festivities.  Read More

Trying to “find” work life balance is an invitation to fail. It simply can’t be done. Mastering the latest productivity or time management technique will not bring balance into your life -  nor will the latest apps or gadgets.

The reason why we fail is our focus and mind set tends to be, “if I work long enough, I can get everything done.” But this is an illusion and there is always more to do.

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