The Science Behind Cold-Pressed Juices: What Makes Them Better?

The Science Behind Cold-Pressed Juices: What Makes Them Better?

At Living Juice, we created our cold-pressed organic drinks because we believe in building a community for healthy living. We know juices have gained popularity, but how are these incredibly "better"? What does the term "cold-pressed" really mean? We will explain everything in this blog, but just a heads up, you are already on the right path for reading this! 

First, cold-pressed juices are a healthier alternative to traditional juices. The reason behind that is the extracting process. We all have heard juice may contain more sugar and less nutrients than a regular fruit. However, the cold-pressed method extracts the juice in a form that retains more enzymes, nutrients, and flavor.

Another cool factor worth knowing is that cold-pressed is also known as hydraulic pressing or slow juicing. The process consists of extracting the juice with massive pressure without subjecting it to any heat form generated from friction from traditional methods. As a result, the cold-pressed juices preserve the original nutrients of a fresh fruit.

This method also guarantees less oxidation for the juice since it's bottled immediately after extraction, avoiding contact with the environment and oxygen and ensuring a vibrant, bright color and intense flavor profile. Lastly, the process has the advantage of extended product life due to the natural preservation of fruits' antioxidants, thanks to the gentle extraction process.

The gentle cold-pressed juice extraction without heat ensures the preservation of nutrients, freshness, pure flavors, and enhanced nutritional value. 

Now that you know the superb characteristics of cold-pressed juice, you can consider yourself a juice expert! You will also improve your health by taking this naturally enhanced juice alternative. So next time you drink one of our Living Juice, remember that you are not only enjoying a fresh, delicious drink but nourishing your body with what nature best offers.

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