We're Sponsoring the NYC Marathon

The New York City Marathon: 26.2 miles of glorious pain that winds through all five boroughs of the city. Runners glide through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and finally Manhattan, ending among the fields of central park.

In 1970, the first running of the race, only 127 entrants arrived at the starting line. The fee to enter was just one singular dollar, and only 55 finishers crossed the checkered tape. FDNY firefighter, tired and unsure of his decision to compete that day, won with a time of 2:31:38. No women finished.

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The event couldn’t be more different today. Now, upwards of 54,000 people haul themselves through the Big Apple and cross the finish line. Male winners consistently run sub 2:10:00, and women aren’t too far behind at around 2:25:00. 

In fact, New York’s marathon is the single largest one in the world by a number of metrics. Global TV viewership reaches high into the millions, and it boasts the largest prize purse with over $800,000 (the winner gets $130,000). 

Ten thousand volunteers line the course to support runners and keep the race running smoothly, while more than a million spectators cheer from behind the barricades.

The cherry on top is the TCS Marathon Expo, a three-day event where runners and spectators can visit vendors and sponsors for free samples: LivingJuice will be there as a sponsor, so come check us out and experience cold-pressed juice for yourself.