Fresh Start Shooter

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Juice Overview

Fresh Start promises to wake you up with non-stop flavor from the initial tang of lemon to the soothing taste of ginger. This 100% juice is Living Juice's lemon pH balancer made only from organic lemon, organic apple and organic ginger.

*Keep Living Juice refrigerated until you’re ready to drink. All juices have an expiration date set to 30 days after production to ensure they remain as fresh as possible. We recommend that you drink your juice within 3-4 days of opening, but we bet you’ll finish it faster than that!

Health in Every Bottle

Fresh Start’s combination of ginger, apple and lemon helps to reduce pH and acidity, both helping to soothe an upset stomach. Packed with pectin, flavonoids, caffeic acid and phyto-nutrients, Fresh Start supports a healthy heart and provides a source of natural energy.

Vitamins: B6, Folic Acid & C

Trace Minerals: Potassium


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