Jackie Meyers-Smith

Jackie Meyers Smith - yoga instructor at O2 Living in Cross River, NY

Trained at The Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY, Jackie's lifetime goal is to be nurturing to others and to provide a sense of freedom in the body while eliminating discomfort and pain.

After practicing yoga for 25 years and bodywork continually for the last 18 years, she has gained the knowledge, clarity and unique intuitive sense to understand the human body and how it de-stresses and heals. 

She uses focused and individualized pressure combined with breath work and yoga-style stretching to clear energy meridians and to release natural flow aimed to restore the body to it's most natural state of well being.

Jackie’s prior experience extends to The Peninsula Hotel day spa in NYC and several other upscale facilities. She has also had the opportunity to provide bodywork for women on the LPGA circuit and seniors at Burke Rehab Hospital.  Working with such a variety of body types,  Jackie’s understanding of many different pathologies and joint issues and how massage relieves pain, increases circulation and speeds the healing process can occur at any age.

Jackie has also completed a variety of workshops that have contributed to her basis and understanding or massage therapy: Shiatsu level 1 and 2, Reiki 1, Reflexology with Laura Norman, Stretching with Bo Walker and Pre-natal massage with Elaine Stillerman at the Swedish Institute, NYC. NY State Licensed since 1994 and AMTA insured since 1996.