Neely Ciarcia

Neely Ciarcia, yoga instructor at O2 Living in Cross River, NY

Neely has been in love with the practice of yoga for over 15 years. She received her 200 hour certification with Sonic Yoga in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, NYC in 2006. Since that time she has acquired numerous CE credits practicing with the top teachers in several yoga styles.  She also completed a 30 hour Restorative Yoga certification from Buddhi Mat in Ridgefield, CT in 2013 and is currently finishing her 500 hour training with Ohra Yoga in Mt Kisco, New York. She is deeply grateful for all of her teachers and the magnitude of what she has learned from each of them.

Neely finds bliss in the sweat and intensity of hot yoga and strives to create that experience for her students. She imbues vinyasa flow sequences with music and meaning to seduce her students into a love affair with themselves.  Wielding the powerful tools of movement and breath, her students chisel away at limiting beliefs and contractive processes to expand into an awakened consciousness. 

Neely’s ultimate goal is to remove the veil of worldly debris from the sight lines of her students so that they return again to their point of origination- as beings with clear and open eyes, hearts and minds.

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