Shira Burke

Shira came to yoga as many do, with a diagnosis of a chronic illness for which western medicine provided few answers and little hope. Through yoga, she found complete relief from all symptoms, and in the process discovered a path not only to physical wellness and strength, but to spiritual wellness and peace. She feels blessed to share her knowledge and insight with others. 

Shira completed her teacher training at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts. She is also a certified prenatal instructor. She has taught in diverse settings, ranging from backstage at music festivals to inner-city high schools. 

Shira brings a light-hearted spirit and a fun approach to the practice. Her classes are in an eclectic vinyasa style, and include pranayama and meditation as essential components of the practice. She takes the practice very seriously, but never takes herself too seriously. She lives in Katonah with her family.