Spa Treatments


  • Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Treatment. This treatment is integral to restoring a healthy, radiant complexion. Aromatherapy compresses warm the skin before cleansing. Herbal steam softens and opens pores in preparation for the deep-cleansing clay mask, which absorbs excess oil. Blemishes and blackheads are visibly reduced. A rhythmic conditioner and appropriate day care complete this effective treatment. Your skin feels soothed, purified and radiant in 80 minutes. $145
  • Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Treatment. The skin is relaxed and prepared for cleansing with warm aromatherapy compresses. Herb-infused steam softens pores, enabling the Cleansing Clay Mask to absorb excess oil. Gentle hand and brush strokes stimulate lymph movement bringing a cleansing impulse to the skin. Your skin feels fresh, clean and radiant in 60 or 80 minute session. $120 | $145
  • Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment. The Classic Treatment is the original Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatment, from which all others are derived. Your Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician will personalize the approach to this treatment based upon your skin's specific needs as well as your desired results in 120 minutes. $210


  • O2 Living Signature Massage. A treatment designed for the mind, body and spirit. Starting with a deeper pressure technique while incorporating O2 Living Hemp Muscle Mist for optimal tension relief, followed by lighter pressure will ensure you leave rejuvenated throughout mind and body. 90 Minutes. $180
  • Deep Tissue . Our deep tissue massage uses a firm pressure technique to ensure the breakdown of the deep muscle layers and connective tissue. This technique increases range of motion and circulation while decreasing rigidity and pain throughout the body. 60 or 90 Minutes. $150 | $180
  • Swedish. Our Swedish Massage treatment is designed for deep relaxation. This treatment increases oxygen levels in the blood improving circulation and mobility. 60 or 90 minutes. $125 | $165
  • Hot Stone Massage. The use of smooth heated stones placed and massaged on the muscles to reduce tension and pain. 60 or 90 minutes. $145 | $175
  • Prenatal Massage. A nurturing massage focused on the needs of a mother to be. 60 minutes. $165
  • Hand and Foot Renewal. A cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing service for hand and feet, complete with a massage for both hands and feet. 60 minutes. $110 


Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to certain areas of the feet that correspond to various organs and systems in the body. This practice can offer reduction in stress, anxiety and enhance sleep and relaxation.
  • 30 Minutes $65
  • 45 Minutes $95
  • 60 Minutes $120
  • 80 Minutes $150
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