Susan Kearney, Licensed Massage Therapist, A.S.

Susan Kearney Licensed Massage Therapist, A. S.


Susan has been a Licensed Massage Therapist, Healer and Energy worker in her own private practice for the past 20 years. Throughout her career she has learned numerous modalities and gathered helpful information and knowledge to assist her clients well being. Some of her specialized techniques are medical massage, deep trigger point therapy and Master Energy healing. When previewed in the Westchester Magazine 2004 by Helene Epstein she said, "I opted for a massage from Susan Kearney, a knowledgable and affable massage therapist with exceptionally strong hands and pinpoint radar for my tender points". Susan sees massage as an art. It reaches its highest form of expression through a therapist who loves her work and responds creatively with all her skills and talents to what she feels the client needs.