Suzette Haas


Yoga has seen Suzette through multiple careers, from violinist to corporate lawyer to fashion designer. A 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered yoga instructor, she has been practicing yoga for over a decade.

While trained in Vinyasa yoga, Suzette now considers herself a devoted Ashtanga yoga practitioner, studying exclusively under authorized Ashtanga teacher, Megan Riley.

The practice of Ashtanga has informed the way she teaches her vinyasa flow classes.  With her additional training in yoga anatomy and her clear eye for alignment, she is passionate about leading classes that focus on holding poses with detailed and precise cues.  She also emphasizes ujjayi breath and drishti (focused gaze) and encourages her students to use their time on the mat to exercise control over their minds.

She hopes that her students truly find their practice to be a moving meditation. Her classes are challenging, strength-building, safe, and, ultimately, she believes, empowering. She looks forward to sharing her practice and passion with the Upper Westchester communities.

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