Juice for a Cure? The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy is a natural, holistic treatment that allows the body to heal itself. Developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930s to treat his own debilitating migraines, the Gerson Therapy has been used over the years as a natural treatment for degenerative diseases such as cancer, skin tuberculosis, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and allergies. What makes the Gerson Therapy so effective and natural? It's the combination of organic, raw juices, an organic plant-based diet, coffee enemas, and natural supplements. How exactly do these things that we know are healthy come together to combat degenerative diseases? The regimen of organic fruits and vegetables, both eaten and in raw juice, coffee enemas and supplements recover the body's ability to self-heal through eliminating toxicity and nutritional deficiency



How does the Gerson Therapy work?

Each day the average patient on the Gerson Therapy consumes 15-20 lbs of organic fruits and vegetables. While many of these are used for making the raw juices, cooked and raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten freely throughout the day. This large amount of organic fruits and vegetables floods the body with the necessary nutrients to increase metabolic activity within the body. This increase in all metabolic activities restores the body to health, allowing for self-healing. The addition of supplements such as thyroid and potassium and the removal of excess protein and animal fats both stimulate metabolism as well. Not only does this diet of raw fruits and vegetables and juices improve metabolic activity, but oxygenation within the body is generally doubled. Many degenerative diseases reduce oxygenation in the body, and this aspect of the Gerson Therapy can play a key role in its success. 

The Gerson Therapy works to detoxify the body additionally through coffee enemas. This non-painful liver and blood detoxification removes toxins from the entire body which in turn restores the body's natural immune defenses - enzyme, mineral, and hormone systems. With a body free from toxins, with increased oxygen availability, and increased metabolic activity, the body and its cells are reinvigorated and restored to fight and prevent illness. 

Gerson Therapy Juice 

Imagine eating 20 lbs of fruits and vegetables each day. It seems difficult and that's because it is. Fresh-pressed juices allow for us to consume the nutrient rich organic fruits and vegetables in a way that is easy and safe on the body's digestion and absorption. The high-quality nutrition and live enzymes provided by fresh-pressed juice is the easiest and most effective way to flood the body with organic, raw nutrition. 

The Gerson Therapy juice recipes are different depending on if you are fighting an illness vs. looking to rejuvenate your body, but they all require 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Typically, a cancer patient on the Gerson Therapy would consume about 13 glasses of fresh-pressed juice per day of carrot-apple and leafy green juices. While these juices are usually prepared fresh and consumed immediately, this may not be possible for everyone. Cold-pressed juices have minimal processing, but the cold-pressing preserves the nutritional content - minerals, vitamins and live enzymes - of the juice. 

Is the Gerson Therapy right for me?  

 Like all lifestyle and diet changes, not everything works for everyone. Specifically, if you are interested in using the Gerson Therapy to fight a degenerative illness or cancer, it is best to speak to a Gerson doctor and your physician first. While the Gerson Therapy has helped many people eliminate toxins from their body and start fresh with a stronger immune system, the success of the therapy is on a case-by-case basis, as no two individuals are the same. There are some contraindications and cautions for individuals with specific illnesses. More information regarding those.

If you are interested in learning more about the Gerson Therapy, you can read Charlotte Gerson's book, Healing the Gerson Way, or consult with a Gerson doctor found through the therapy website

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