Based on CDC and local government guidelines, O2 Living Sanctuary will re-open on Tuesday September 8th in Cross River. We will be working diligently with CDC and local governments to ensure a safe space.

Always Fresh, Never Frozen

Delivery FAQs

1. What are the shipping costs of Living Juice? 

Our organic fruit and vegetable Living Juices are cold-pressed. This means that throughout the entire juice pressing process, a cold temperature is maintained. This allows for the freshest juices and ensures that the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the fruits and veggies are maintained in the juices. Heating (or even brining the juices to room temperature) would kill these nutrients, vitamins and minerals and cause denaturation of the juice. For this reason, Living Juices must remain refrigerated until they are ready to be consumed. Due to this, Living Juices must be shipped on ice and shipped overnight to ensure that they stay cold and refrigerated - for maximum benefit! 

2. Why are Living Juices shipped on ice? 

Unlike other juice companies, we never freeze our juices. We will only ever ship fresh, never frozen cold-pressed Living Juices. Because of this, we must ship all Living Juices on ice. This allows for the best tasting, never-watered down organic, cold-pressed juice. 

3. How should Living Juices be stored? 

We recommend that you refrigerate your juices as soon as you receive them! We don't like to freeze our juices, in order to retain maximum nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. But, if you want to freeze your juices, be aware that we fill our juices to the brim and expansion may occur. Also, we do not recommend freezing and consuming your juices past their expiration date. 

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