Best Wellness Influencers You Should Follow

Best Wellness Influencers You Should Follow

With so many platforms to upload and consume content now in the internet’s prime, it is so easy to miss out on following amazing influencers. Who has amazing health tips, content quality, and authenticity? Those who never hesitate to share their lives and engage with their audiences. We are here to give a few influencers the spotlight! 

Peri Leigh:

The first one on our wellness influencer list is Peri Leigh, aka @healthyourselfnow, on Instagram. With a growing following, Peri’s content does not disappoint! Her page contains yoga, behind-the-scenes, and healthy food ideas to inspire her followers to try to make something new. With such an amazing smile, it’s hard not to love her!


Looking to follow an amazing woman with a strong workout routine! Look no further than @aleshas_athletics on Instagram is your girl! Her content contains detailed workout routines from the upper body, HIIT, or lower body routines. Her page even features playlists to listen to while at the gym or anywhere you are doing a workout to motivate you during your routine. Alesha is an amazing person to follow if you are new to prioritizing your wellness and fitness! 

Margaret Cresta:

Another influencer we must mention on our suggestions list is Margaret Cresta. Also known as @sovigor on Instagram. There is a reason she has over 320K followers on the platform! She focuses on helping her followers feel good physically and mentally. Whether it be posting her workout routine, motivational videos, or bringing you along and sharing about her personal life. As a CES Boxing Ring Announcer and on-camera reporter for Dirty Water Media, this woman can do it all! 


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