Gifts for a Happy & Healthy Holiday!

Gifts for a Happy & Healthy Holiday!

Gift the greatest gift of all this holiday: HEALTH! O2 Living healthy gift list is hereThis holiday season, why not give a gift that shows you truly appreciate your loved one? A healthy gift from O2 Living will show that you care. A bonus - if your loved one always resolves to get healthy in the New Year, you can help them get a head start!

O2 Living is the home of both organic, cold-pressed Living Juice and Living Health and Wellness products. Both make for fantastic holiday gifts this season. Read below for some of our favorite gift ideas! 

Hemp Extract Toothpaste with Tea Tree Oil

Living Hemp Extract Toothpaste with Tea tree oil by O2 Living available on AmazonWhile toothpaste is most certainly not your everyday gift, it is something we all use and having some extra is never a bad thing! This hemp extract toothpaste is a perfect gift for the healthy, holistic person in your life who wants to prevent gum disease and have deliciously fresh breath (that may even be you!). Our Living Hemp Extract Toothpaste can be found on our store

Hemp Extract Muscle Mist 

Another wonderful gift for the friend or partner who loves to workout is Living Health and Wellness's Hemp Extract Muscle Mist. With just one spray, the hemp extract, camphor, and menthol cool and soothe any sore muscles. Gifting this is sure to convert some IcyHot fanatics! Living Hemp Extract Muscle Mist is available on Amazon and on our store

Hemp Extract Oil 

Living Hemp Extract Oil and Muscle Mist with highest quality, full spectrum hemp extract (CBD)Living Hemp Extract Oils, available in 250mg and 1000mg, may help with a wide variety of health issues from stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety and more! While hemp extract (CBD) is growing in popularity, this is a great gift for someone who loves to stay up to date on the world of natural wellness. You can find our Hemp Extract Oils on our store - on sale right now for 50% off! 

Living Juice Pineapple Punch 

O2 Living's Living juice Pineapple Punch made with organic kale, pineapples and applesLiving Juice's Pineapple Punch is a delicious, sweet cold-pressed juice made from organic kale, pineapples and apples. It's the perfect starter juice for someone who is new to juicing or someone who needs to add more veggies into their daily diet. Additionally, kids love this juice! Living Juice's Pineapple Punch is available on and on Amazon

Organic Living Juice Cleanse 

This organic, cold-pressed juice cleanse is a great gift for someone who regularly cleanses or someone who has always talked about doing one but never has. Each day of the cleanse includes 8 juices. As Living Juices are never watered down, this juice cleanse satisfies your hunger and allows you to see it through! Organic Living Juice cleanses are available on Amazon and on

Living Juice Red Radiance

O2 Living Red Radiance organic cold-pressed juice with beets, strawberries and red applesLiving Juice's Red Radiance, packed with organic and cold-pressed beets, strawberries and apples, is just what the avid runner/biker/swimmer/triathlete in your life needs! Beet juice is popular among athletes due to its ability to help the body more efficiently use oxygen. You can order your Red Radiance here or on Amazon.

Truly any juice, cleanse or fast from Living Juice or any wellness product from Living Health would make a lovely and thoughtful gift. Check out the O2 Living stores on our websites: and and on Amazon! We wish you a very happy and healthy holiday! 

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