Spooky Season Treats: Living Juice Approved!

Spooky Season Treats: Living Juice Approved!

Here at Living Juice, we are all about health starting from the inside out. With everyone’s favorite time of the year approaching, it is hard to say no to your most loved seasonal treats! Who says you can’t be healthy and still have fun? We’re here to share a few things to keep it seasonal and a bit spooky!

Spicy Mummies:

spicy mummies

These cute little guys would be such a hit at your spooky night, or just to enjoy on your own! These mummies are a nice warm and spicy snack to enjoy! Subbing out the filling for a vegan substitute makes this treat guilt free for all. And don’t worry, the croissants “wraps” are also safe. Try this out for your next get together!

Pumpkin season:

pumpkin cookies

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkin! These chewy and vegan cookies should satisfy that sweet tooth! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are a hit dessert no one knew they needed! 

Sweet lanterns:

halloween healthy treats

Jack-o-lanterns just got way more fun! Another unique way to bring in a spooky sight to your table spread. Cut them with different faces and enjoy a crispy, yet sweet “pumpkin”. Best part is it’s just one main ingredient!
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