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Step by Step How to Build a Box

Are you a big fan of Living Juice? Us too. So, you most likely relate to struggling with which juice flavors to order from our website. Maybe your favorite is our sweet green drink, Pineapple Punch, or our delicious, flavor packed Red Radiance. It can be tough to choose the amount per case, 6, 12, or 18, and it can be even harder to decide which flavor to get, especially if it’s a new flavor you haven’t tried yet. Luckily, we have a great solution for you! Rather than selecting a case with just one Living Juice drink flavor, try multiple with our Drink Living Juice Build A Box! It’s super simple and allows you to find your favorite LJ by customizing your box just the way you like with either 6, 8, 12, 18, or 24 juices in a box with any combination of flavors! Keep reading for a step by step on how to get your hands on all our delicious juices!

  1. Open Google or a web browser and type in and click the first link that pops up!
  2. The first thing you’ll see are two options to select from: “One-time purchase $48.00” or “Subscribe & save 15% $40.80.” If you have further questions about the subscription, hover over the “Subscription Details” icon. Once you’ve decided, select one of these options!
  3. Next, choose how many delicious Living Juice bottles you’d like in your order. Under “Case Size” select “6 Pack”, “8 Pack”, “12 Pack”, “18 Pack”, or “24 Pack”.
  4. After you’ve chosen the number of drinks you’d like in your case, you get to customize the number of each drink flavor you’d like in your box! The flavors you can choose from are Green Vitality, Fresh Start, Pineapple Punch, Carrot Kick, and Red Radiance! Not sure which to choose? Look at the ingredients listed next to each drink and decide which flavor combinations look best! Or, start off with a 6 pack and try one of each flavor!
    Living Juice-Cold pressed juices
  5. After you have your case size picked and the tasty drink options selected, your box is ready to go! Super delicious and customized just the way you like it. All that’s left to decide is if you’d like more than one of these cases! If you just want one case, select 1, or press the “+” button to receive as many cases as you want!
  6. You’re almost done! Once everything looks good, click “Add to Cart” and click the cart icon in the top right corner of the webpage. Now, all that’s left is to click “CHECKOUT”, enter your payment information and address, and your delicious Living Juices will be on their way!
Have additional questions? Go to the “Contact Us” tab on our website and fill out the form or call (212) 594-7205!
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