The benefits of yoga are numerous. From increasing flexibility to reducing stress, yoga is a healthy addition to any lifestyle, and a gateway to wellness that every body can enjoy. Read More

Each day, we are blessed by the bounty that Mother Nature bestows upon us; we bask in her sunshine, refresh under her flowing waters and walk upon the great earth that holds us solid upon our feet.

In honor of Earth Day, our team of yoga instructors would like to share with you the yoga poses that most ground them and help them feel a deeper connection to our incredible planet.

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I bet you feel better already. After all, that is exactly what yoga is supposed to do – help you relax, and restore balance between your body and mind. The benefits of yoga extend far beyond the physical. In fact, science has proven that practicing yoga can actually make you a happier person! Read More
When we opened our studio in Cross River our goal was to spread the benefits of yoga to the Westchester Community and share the experience of living yoga with as many as we could.  Our Hot Vinyasa classes have been of the most popular since our inception… why you ask? Read More
Adding heat to your yoga regimen is nothing new, but there is a new player in the heat source mix – infrared. Read More

Trying to “find” work life balance is an invitation to fail. It simply can’t be done. Mastering the latest productivity or time management technique will not bring balance into your life -  nor will the latest apps or gadgets.

The reason why we fail is our focus and mind set tends to be, “if I work long enough, I can get everything done.” But this is an illusion and there is always more to do.

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There is no doubt about it in today's research that an accumulation of acidic waste products within our body is for sure the process of aging.

... But, by removing old, stored waste will slow down the aging process.

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