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These Clean Cold-Pressed Juices Are the Perfect Cure After a Holiday Food Binge

O2 Living in Cross River has a line of clean ingredient cold-pressed juices to nourish your body after indulging in holiday foods.


So over the past week you’ve downed many slices of prime rib with extra gravy, hefty wedges of olive bread from Arthur Avenue, heaping portions of Aunt Rosemarie’s baked ziti, multiple slices of fruit pie a la mode, and scarfed up a good dozen or so Christmas cookies. Oh and let’s not forget the wine and liquor consumption — the recycling bin doth overflow-eth.  

So what to do about his common malady this time of year called overindulge-itis? Rosemary Devlin, CEO/founder of O2 Living, offers a line of organic, cold-pressed juices, part of a greater holistic wellness center at Cross River’s Yellow Monkey Village. Her juices are sold at more than 100 locations, mostly in the tri-state area, including Mrs. Green’s, DeCicco Family Markets, and The Granola Bar. While eating a whole piece of fruit or a vegetable is better than drinking the juice (there’s fiber in the skin and flesh people!), the convenience of a bottled product matches the fast-paced lives of many.

We got all the juicy (see what I did there) details from Devlin in a recent interview about her business, why those juices are so darn beneficial, and how to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.  


WM: What do you offer in the way of cold pressed juices?

RD: Living Juice offers five robust flavors of organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice – all are certified USDA organic, non-GMO and Kosher certified. 


WM: When was O2 Living founded and when did the Living Juice brand begin?

RD: I opened the holistic wellness center, complete with yoga studio, spa, and vegan cafe in 2009. My holistic wellness journey began after my eldest son had a near-death experience on a transatlantic flight due to a mislabeled snack. Clean, fresh, healthy eating and living became my focus and passion. From the O2 Living cafe, the Living Juice brand was born in 2013.


WM: Why/how are the juices beneficial to one's health (esp the cold-pressed part)?

RD: We use certified organic fruits and vegetables in a two-step juicer with a separate grinder and cold-press in order to maximize the availability of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Cold pressing and HPP (high pressure processing) ensures the elimination of harmful bacteria while retaining a higher amount of the natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, allowing our juices to preserve their fresh and natural taste longer. Unlike traditional fruit and vegetable juices which are processed and become shelf-stable through high amounts of heat and pasteurization, the cold-press process is done at cold temperatures, allowing for more nutrients to remain in the juices. 

WM: What do you suggest to folks who had one too many Christmas cookies?

RD: One way to start the New Year off right after all that holiday indulging would be a juice cleanse to give your body the time, energy, and nutrients to heal and detox itself. Juice cleanses help the body detox through supplying a dramatic increase in vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes. In fact, the Living Juice cleanse increases energy and promotes self-body healing.

WM: How did juices become such an integral part of your life?

RD: I began my health and wellness journey out of necessity after my son had a near-death allergic reaction to mislabeled airplane snacks. I started reading labels and learning more about clean eating. As a busy mother of 5, the options for grab-and-go healthy snacks were few and far between. I started juicing for this reason. Living Juices are the only cold-pressed juices on the market that are made from organic fruits and vegetables, with no sugar, sweeteners, or water added. I add Living Juice into my daily routine when I’m in need of a healthy snack.  

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