Vegan, Air-Fried Snap Peas

Short Description: 

O2 Living recipe - organic cold pressed fruit and vegetable Living Juices - organic snap peasSnap peas are a great summer veggie and are delicious in a stir fry. Unlike regular stir fries, these air-fried snap peas don't require large amounts of oil and soy sauce. This vegan snack or side dish is a healthy alternative! We like to pair it with an  organic, cold-pressed Carrot Kick by Living Juice. 


  • Organic snap peas (1/2 lb)
  • Organic sesame seeds (or everything bagel seeds!
  • Extra virgin olive oil in sprayer 
  • Soy sauce, if desired 


  1. Wash and remove any stems from organic snap peas. 
  2. In air fryer, spray basket with olive oil. 
  3. Air fry snap peas for 4-5 minutes at 400°F. Shake air fryer basket twice during the 5 minutes. 
  4. Sprinkle snap peas with sesame seeds or O2 Living's organic, everything bagel seeds! 
  5. Enjoy alone or with soy sauce as a stir-fry replacement. 
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