4 (Not Very Scientific) Reasons to Try a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Why a juice cleanse? Changing what you put in your body for just 3 days can have significant benefits, especially if what you’re consuming is plant-based and organic. There are scientific reasons for that (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and whatnot), but let’s not get bogged down by science. Here are my top 4 reasons for taking the plunge.

1) A cleanse stops “comfort eating.” You won’t shrink your stomach after three days of juicing, but you’ll break the habit of reaching for a bag of pretzels when there’s nothing else in the pantry because you’ve been working nonstop and couldn’t get to the store in any event because your car is in the body shop after a fender bender your teenager swears was totally not his fault.

Or something.

Grab a bottle of juice every few hours, and you have the satisfaction of feeling full and eating something you actually like, without the guilt. (Save that for when you tell the aforementioned teenager he can’t have any juice because it’s yours and hand him a granola bar instead. Or the rest of the pretzels.)

2) You’ll likely eat vegetables and fruit you don’t normally have at home. Many of us stick to a few tried-and-true varieties of fruits and veggies, whether it’s because we’re choosy about eating food that’s out of season, we can’t find organic, or we wouldn’t know what to do with a beet if it wasn’t served in a salad, in a restaurant. But with a cold-pressed organic juice like Living Juice, you’re getting nutrients - and flavor - from beets and fennel and ginger, along with kale, apples, strawberries and more.

3) You will very likely lose weight. Don’t get too excited because it’s mostly water weight, but losing a few pounds is a great motivator to keep the momentum going. When the cleanse is over, keep juice on hand for snacks or to replace a meal – Living Juice’s Green Vitality is a great substitute for breakfast when you’re on the go, and Red Radiance can totally satisfy a sweet tooth.

4) Delivery. Not every cold-pressed juice delivers, but Living Juice does (and at the moment delivery is FREE). And it doesn’t get much easier than that. Order your juice cleanse or fast today! 


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