Trick Or Treat? Why A Juice Cleanse Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

You’ve heard about the benefits of juice cleanses. Detoxing your body while supercharging it with vitamins, minerals and live enzymes will leave you feeling energized and looking radiant. So what are you afraid of?

We know.

“I will be starving the whole time.”

You won’t feel deprived on a plan like Living Juice’s, with 6 bottles every day of organic cold-pressed juice that’s tasty and surprisingly filling. How? Living Juice is not watered down, unlike others, so you're getting 4-7 servings of fruits and veggies per bottle! Follow the protocol and while you will feel lighter, you won’t go hungry on a three-day cleanse.

“Juice is too sugary.“

Juice does indeed have sugar, but the amount of sugar can vary greatly from one brand to another (we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Read. The. Labels). Living Juice has absolutely no added sugar, and the fruit is mixed with vegetables like kale and beets and carrots that pack a major flavor punch.

“Juicing is just a fad.”

Yes, and so were blue jeans and Bruce Springsteen. Juicing isn’t a miracle cure, but ongoing research is yielding positive results about its long-term benefits. If you’re drinking juice, you’re probably consuming more fruits and vegetables than you would otherwise, and those nutrients are busy protecting you against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory diseases.

“I’ll be too weak to exercise.”

Your energy might actually increase during a cleanse, since your body isn’t working on digesting food. And beet juice may help to improve exercise endurance due to its natural nitric oxide content. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it, but a cleanse is no excuse to play couch potato.

So before you dig into the kids' Halloween candy (or maybe after) - find out how to get organic cold-pressed Living Juice delivered to you:



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