A Juice Cleanse Gives This Lifestyle Expert a (Pardon the Pun) Fresh Start

Lifestyle expert Kaila Yu tries organic cold-pressed Living Juice

Lifestyle blogger Kaila Yu, founder of NylonPink.tv, heard about organic cold-pressed Living Juice and decided to give it a try. ”I wanted to start off 2018 at my optimal weight so a juice cleanse was the perfect way,” she says. And (spoiler alert)... success!

What made you decide to do a Living Juice cleanse

I thought that it was the absolute best way to start off 2018! I was starting to feel groggy and fatigued in my regular life and had gained 5 pounds that I wanted to get rid of. The cleanse definitely set me on the right path and now I am exercising regularly (I barely exercised in 2017) and eating healthy!

Which day was the hardest?

Definitely Day 2 was when I was the hungriest, after that it was kind of a breeze.

How did you feel when it was over?

I felt totally ready to face the world, energized and refreshed!

What was your favorite flavor?

By far, my favorite flavor was the Fresh Start with ginger and lemon

How would you incorporate cold-pressed juice in your everyday diet?

I like it best for breakfast to jumpstart the day!

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