Stressed Out? Try Living Juice

Too much stress is known to cause or exacerbate a host of maladies, from the common cold to diabetes and heart disease. In fact, a study cited in the Harvard Business Review showed 60% to 90% of doctor visits were stress-related. But there are numerous ways to reduce stress. Meditation can help, as well as exercise. Yoga has proven effective, too. And then there’s our favorite – organic cold-pressed Living Juice.

Drink Living Juice's Stress Reducing Cold-pressed Organic Juice Line Up

Control your Cortisol 

Much of the blame for stress can be pinned on the hormone cortisol, which maintains high levels of blood pressure and blood sugar to give a “fight or flight” boost of energy. That is very helpful when, say, you come face to face with an angry bear in the woods; less so if you’re worrying about a job interview or paying for college.

If you find yourself in fret mode, try waking up with Living Juice’s Fresh Start or Carrot Kick - since cortisol levels are generally higher in the morning, drinking juice that contains nutrients like vitamin C and B vitamins, which have been shown to control cortisol levels, is a smart way to start the day.

Up your Water Consumption

In addition to juice, up your consumption of water - being even slightly dehydrated can increase cortisol levels. And avoid the kinds of fatty, sugary snacks that are so tempting when we’re feeling anxious; if you crave something sweet, reach for a piece of fruit, or a bottle of strawberry, apple and beet-filled Red Radiance. Fish, with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, are also a good stress-busting choice.

We have to accept that there’s going to be stress in our lives, but we shouldn’t be passive about the effects it has on our body. Unless, of course, we’re faced with an angry bear….

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