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Beverage Spotlight: Pineapple Punch

It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body. Wellness is prioritizing-- in this case choosing the good and eliminating the bad. So let’s take a look at Living Juice’s delicious Pineapple Punch to reinforce our confidence in the benefits of cold pressed juice. With only three, whole, ingredients, this is a simple undertaking.


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Apples are high in Vitamin C and soluble fiber, which is a type of fiber that aids in lowering cholesterol levels. What’s more, apples can even be helpful in weight loss. In one study, naturally occurring compounds in apples led to a loss in body fat and an “improved lipid profile” in obese mice and rats. 

As a bonus, apples provide a burst of energy. There’s a reason this juice is named “Pineapple Punch”. The naturally occurring sugars in apples provide a feeling of alertness that some researchers have even compared to a cup of coffee-- it is an added benefit that this energy comes without any processed creamer or sweetener.

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A wildly popular superfood, kale is often hailed as the cream of the nutritional crop. Its benefits are extensive, and range from skin, hair, and eye health to even cancer prevention from the high dosage of chlorophyll found in each bite. Our bones even receive a boost, as a cup of kale can provide more than double the recommended daily intake of Vitamin K, around 15–18% of daily calcium intake, and about 7% of the daily phosphorus requirement. All three of these nutrients benefit and strengthen bone health.


The namesake of our delectable sweet green juice, pineapple is as good for you as it tastes. Like all fruits and vegetables, just one cup of it contains a multitude of nutrients, but most notably Vitamin C and Manganese (over 100% of the daily value for both). Perhaps most interesting, pineapple contains a group of powerful enzymes generally known as bromelain, which deconstructs complex proteins into simpler parts like amino acids and peptides. In fact, pineapple juice is used as a meat tenderizer because it literally makes meat softer by breaking down the proteins inside of it. 

With confidence in the whole ingredients in each bottle, grab some Pineapple Punch for an early morning boost or a sweet afternoon snack.

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