Health Benefits Found in Living Juice Ingredients

  • Silica – Detox

  • Silica promotes hair, skin, and nail health, improves joint health, reduces digestive disorders, and flushes out toxins through detoxification. Silica aids collage by adding both strength and elasticity, allowing for more flexibility and joint ease. It is also imperative to build a strong stomach and develop digestive tract muscles. Silica is very good at removing toxins and heavy metals from the body. 

    Found in the Green Vitality Juice.

  • Pectin - Gut Health

  • Pectin is a specific fiber found in vegetables and fruits. Pectin can improve blood sugar and blood fat levels. Pectin binds with cholesterol in the digestive tract, allowing you to lower your risk of heart disease. Pectin can improve cholesterol metabolism while also benefiting the intestinal microbiome due to its “prebiotic” nature. Pectin can inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive tract, which decreases intestinal bloating. 

    Found in the Fresh Start Juice.

    Fresh Start your day off on a bight, gut-friendly note

  • Manganese - Antioxidant

  • Manganese is a trace mineral mostly found in the liver, bones, kidneys, and pancreas. Manganese can aid the body with blood clotting, bone density, connective tissue forming, and overall brain functions. It has antioxidant components, which help fight cell/DNA damage while also fighting heart disease and many heart conditions. Approximately 37% of Americans do not get enough manganese in their diet. Manganese can limit premenstrual syndrome symptoms, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and more. 

    Found in the Pineapple Punch Juice.

  • Organic Beet - Energy & Efficiency

  • Beets not only lower blood pressure but also enhance overall athletic performance. Beets contain bits of every vitamin and mineral your body needs specifically when it comes to development, growth, and heart health. Because beets are high in nitrates, physical performance is therefore enhanced by improving efficiency and overall energy through increased oxygen use. Along with these benefits, beets also help fight inflammation in heart and liver disease as well as cancer. Beets are easy to include in your diet and are quite delicious

    Found in the Red Radiance Juice.

  • Beta Carotene - Good Vision

  • Beta Carotene converts into retinol or vitamin A, leading to good vision, and a strong immune system. Along with this, beta-carotene is an antioxidant that can benefit your body is a number of ways. Not only does it protect your body from damaging molecules that attack your body, but it also helps fight chronic illnesses. Studies have shown that beta-carotene is also linked to reducing macular degeneration in smokers while improving memory and cognitive function with long-term supplementation. Beta-Carotene is mainly found in yellow, orange, and leafy green vegetables. 

    Found in the Carrot Kick Juice.

  • Chlorophyll - Healthy Skin

  • Chlorophyll benefits not only your insides but also your outsides! Chlorophyll can help aid detoxification by reducing aflatoxins which can cause damage to the liver. Due to these health benefits, chlorophyll may also boost your immune system by increasing the amount of white blood cell production and reducing oxidative damage, which can decrease stress levels evident in the body. Along with these internal health benefits, chlorophyll can support a healthy skin appearance by reducing sun damage, acne, and pore size while also reducing overall bacterial growth. 

    Found in the Green Vitality Juice.

    Give your skin its a chloro-FILL with Green Vitality

  • Caffeic Acid - Antiviral Characteristics

  • Caffeic acid is a strong antioxidant found in many plants. Caffeic Acid has many antiviral abilities while reducing inflammation as well. Claims show that caffeic acid prevents radiation toxicity, reduces fatigue, prevents premature aging, and helps with neurodegenerative disease. Age only gets stronger as we intake more caffeic acid, which is actually not linked to caffeine. Caffeic Acid is found in coffee, turmeric, basil, cabbage, kale, and more. You may also find it in skin care regimens which help with anti-aging properties

    Found in the Fresh Start Juice.

  • Organic Kale - Overall Superfood

  • Organic Kale is a huge superfood and is strongly packed with vitamins and minerals. Kale is stuffed with Vitamins A, C, and K, Folate, Alpha-Lionlenic Acid, Potassium, and much more! Each of these vitamins and minerals aids in chronic disease prevention, brain development, and bone health, and promotes a strong immune system. Kale can also lower cholesterol and build a high water content in your body! Kale provides so many nutrients and health benefits and is a no-brainer to add to your diet! 

    Found in the Pineapple Punch Juice.

  • Flavonoids - Body Efficiency 

  • Flavonoids are found naturally in fruits and vegetables filled with various compounds. There are several different types of flavonoids and each is used by your body in a different, efficient way. Flavonoids help our bodies regulate the activity of our cells by fighting off causes of harm. Flavonoids allow your body to function in its most efficient way by fighting against day-to-day toxins and stressors. Allergens, germs, and irritants trigger your body’s immune response, but flavonoids regulate those responses and help fight against inflammation. 

    Found in the Carrot Kick Juice.

  •  Ginger Juice - Pain Reducing 

  • Ginger has several benefits packed inside, including digestive benefits, immunity health, relieves nausea, reduced pain, and prevents cardiovascular disease. Ginger speeds up digestion and can help you digest food twice as fast. Along with digestion, ginger boosts immunity and improves coughs, headaches, infections, and other cold symptoms. Ginger is a natural pain reliever that eliminates compounds in our bodies. Ginger is also a blood thinner which can help reduce your risk of heart attacks and blood pressure problems. 

    Found in the Fresh Start Juice.


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