Weight For It: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays - and Still Have Fun

Studies have shown the average adult gains one pound over the holidays. Not so bad, right? Except people don’t usually lose that one pound. And paired with the other pound that creeps on during the rest of the year, it’s not too long before you’re wondering why you went up a size in jeans.

The good news is, avoiding holiday weight gain isn’t so hard. Take a few simple, sensible steps and you can stay on the right track without spoiling your fun, during the holidays and all year round.

  1. Be mindful of what you’re eating, and listen to your body. Holiday planning and events can leave us feeling stressed and distracted, and we don’t listen to signals that tell us we’ve had enough. Eat food slowly and enjoy every bite – and as soon as you feel full, put down your fork. And keep it there.
  2. As the days get shorter, you might find yourself being less active without even realizing it. It goes without saying that you should maintain whatever exercise routine you have, but this time of year, add to it - even if it’s just a 10-minute extra walk with your dog (he’ll thank you, too). And aim for a morning workout – researchers have found when women exercise early, they move more during the rest of the day, and have fewer cravings for high-fat food.
  3. Never, ever arrive at a party hungry. If you’re stomach’s growling when you get there, you’ll be tempted to grab the first pig in a blanket – or 3 – that you see. Instead, right before you walk in the door, have a handful of cashews or better yet, a bottle of organic, cold-pressed Living Juice. You’ll make smarter decisions about what, and how much, party food you consume if you’ve filled up before you’re in line at the buffet table.
  4. Speaking of that line at the buffet table, don’t avoid the things you crave, but limit yourself to the 2 items you really, really want, and have them in moderation.
  5. You’re not going to drink less alcohol during the holiday season than you do the rest of the year but take care not to drink more - those empty calories add up. (And don’t get us started on eggnog.) You can afford an extra glass of wine at a party if you abstain on everyday meals. Festive cocktail recipes with Living Juice.


Follow these guidelines and you can indulge, and still find yourself looking and feeling even better when the New Year rolls around!


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