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Ingredient Spotlight: Ginger

A Brief History

Ginger, a central ingredient in our Fresh Start cold-pressed juice, is thought to have originated from islands in Southeast Asia. It’s an important root and it boasts not just impressive medicinal properties but a fascinating history as well. 

The first written record of ginger comes from the Analects of the philosopher Confucious written in China around 2500 years ago. In it, Confucius was reported to eat ginger with every meal. In 406 A.D., a monk named Faxian wrote that ginger was kept in pots and brought aboard Chinese ships to prevent scurvy. 

Then, ginger hit the Mediterranean. Brought by Arabs and described by famous writers like Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy, it eventually took hold in Europe during the middle ages. Prized as a spice, medicine, and garnish, a pound of ginger was said to cost as much as an entire sheep.


For thousands of years, Ginger has been used for the treatment of numerous ailments such as colds, nausea, arthritis, migraines, and hypertension.

More recent studies have been honing in on the effectiveness of ginger for the treatment of ailments and illnesses. One study focused on its anti-inflammatory properties. In it, ginger oil was administered orally to rats for 26 days. It caused a significant repression of paw and joint swelling associated with severe chronic adjuvant arthritis. 

Does this mean that ginger cures arthritis? Of course not. But it is another stepping stone towards unlocking the entire story behind ginger’s medicinal properties and remarkable effectiveness.

Why Ginger?

But we don’t include ginger in our juice for purely scientific and medical reasons. It’s also just plain delicious. Some like it on sushi, some in curry, but we know you’ll love it in the refreshing and invigorating Fresh Start cold-pressed juice.

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