weight loss

Natural vs. Added: The Deal with Sugar

The United States celebrates Halloween in just under a week. Carved pumpkins will glow on front stoops, and kids will...

The Science of Fasting: A Short Yom Kippur Reflection

People fast nowadays for plenty more than just religious observance. It’s trendy to do intermittent fasts or to eat a...

A Keto Rundown

If you haven’t heard of the Keto diet, you may have heard of the Paleo or Atkins diet. Both fall under the umbrella...

Cardio vs. Weightlifting: Which Exercise Reigns Supreme?

Making some massive generalizations, we can put exercise in two groups, cardio and weightlifting, and to make gener...

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting isn’t a diet, it’s instead a prescribed eating pattern. Rather than tell you what to eat, an i...

Two Easy Holiday Habits to Maintain Wellness

The holiday season can get in the way of some routines. Oftentimes, with family in town and celebrations in order, it...

Why diet, not exercise, should be the initial step in taking control of health

We need rethink how we approach the start of our health and wellness journey.

Making Living Juice Part of a Healthy Lifestyle Program

A personal trainer offers tips on a Fresh Start for healthy living  

Weight Loss 101

These days it seems that there is an endless number of dieting tactics and plans that promise to finally bring the re...
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