Making Living Juice Part of a Healthy Lifestyle Program

Westchester, NY-based personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist Cheryl Slaughter was a self-described "chubby athlete" her whole life. Having two children added even more pounds - and that finally motivated her to work it off. Now it's been 17 years since Cheryl hit her goal weight. Here's how she's maintained it, and how organic cold-pressed Living Juice can be part of the program.

Westchester based personal trainer Cheryl Slaughter enjoying Living Juice's Pineapple Punch

What’s your philosophy on healthy living?

Eat a ton of vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains! I try to buy organic as much as I can. I started an anti-inflammatory diet after some orthopedic issues over the years.

So it’s not a surprise you’re a fan of Living Juice. Which is your favorite?

My favorite juice is Green Vitality. I like the fact that you get a ton of veggies with only 40 calories! I would use that as a supplement to a meal.  It’s like taking a vitamin.  

And with flu season all over the place, fruit juices are excellent for building up your immune system!  I enjoyed the Fresh Start - I love lemon and I love ginger; it was the perfect combination.

What prompted you to become a personal trainer?

I always had a passion for fitness and exercise but never knew what a portion was or what healthy options were out there. Once I hit my goal weight, I realized how much the exercise played a part in overcoming and expediting my process towards my goal. Becoming a personal trainer was a natural career path for me. I was able to share tricks that helped me, and I really enjoyed helping others. I was always doing research in the field and trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. That’s what prompted me to get certifications other than personal training.

If a person only had twenty minutes a day to work out, what should they do?

I would do as much total body exercises as I can. Doing a ton of push-ups, squats etc. Boxing is my sport - hitting the bag for 20 minutes is an amazing workout!
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