Why diet, not exercise, should be the initial step in taking control of health

Why diet, not exercise, should be the initial step in taking control of health

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Calories in, calories out

The fitness and wellness world is chock full of false promises and vague statements, but we can strip down lofty internet claims to the basic, hard science of fitness. The best way to lose weight is to remain in a caloric deficit, where you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning. Organic fruits, vegetables, and whole foods are good for you not just because they’re packed with nutrients but also because they are so calorically sparse, meaning they’ll fill your stomach with relatively few calories. Cold-pressed juice, like our new Living Juice Watermelon Mint, is packed dense with nutrients but not with calories and can help provide that satiety that your stomach is craving. 


We get our energy from the food we eat, and some foods are better than others for giving you that extra boost. Complex carbohydrates like pasta or rice offer long term energy while simple sugars, like those found in candy, give a very temporary jolt. Knowing not just which foods to eat but when these nutrients should be eaten is extremely important. Runners will inhale pasta the night before an event to ensure that they’re fueled up for the next morning, but then during the race will knock back a gel shot or gummy for an immediate energy spike. If you aren’t properly fueled, your workouts and your day in general simply won’t be as effective.

Everything in Moderation

Taking the principle of a caloric deficit to an extreme can have devastating results. Losing weight is a gradual process and one that requires a degree of patience to be executed properly. Nobody should be eating one meal a day. Doing so can result in muscle loss, nutrient deficiencies, gallstones, cramps, fatigue, dizziness, and a host of other issues. Instead of gunning for the extreme, stick to gradual changes. Losing weight doesn’t have to mean losing the immune system strength and overall health that comes from a hearty diet. A good way to do this is to cut down 200 calories for each meal (this number will vary depending on your goal) you eat instead of erasing the meal altogether. This allows your body to acquire everything it needs to remain strong while it sheds the excess fat.
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