Meditation is Scientific-- Here's Why

  Meditation vs Medication Mindfulness can understandably sound abstract. We are used to looking for physical exampl...

Re-examining the Juice Cleanse: What can it actually do for us?

Bottom line is, a juice cleanse can be an incredible wellness tool for many, but it may not be for everyone. It’s imp...

Orange: What Color Tells Us About Our Food

What does Orange tell us about our food?

Quick Tips for Fending Off Covid-19

Four means of boosting your coronavirus immunity.

Four habits that you can start today to improve wellness

Four easy things to try to bolster a healthy routine.

Why diet, not exercise, should be the initial step in taking control of health

We need rethink how we approach the start of our health and wellness journey.

Top 10 Spotify Workout Songs

For the second year in a row, Spotify has released its most played workout songs by users of the music streaming ap...

Train Your Mind, Change Your Body

Nationally recognized fitness coach Nadia Murdock is living proof that her “train your mind, change your body” metho...

Power Up! Superfoods To Boost Your Mind, Body and Soul

Feed your mind, body and soul. Here are nine superfoods to revive and rejuvenate your whole self, from the tips of y...

Food for a Healthy Heart

In honor of Heart Health Month, we are exploring some heart healthy foods and why they are so beneficial to your hear...

February is Heart Month!

February is American Heart Month, and at o2living, we want to help you get heart healthy. Heart disease is the number...

Know Your Yoga: Which Style is Right for You?

Hot Vinyasa or Bikram? Hatha or Anu… what now? Sigh. While yoga itself is supposed to be a relaxing experience, unde...
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