Tips on How to Switch From Plastics in Your Home For Healthier Living

Tips on How to Switch From Plastics in Your Home For Healthier Living

Creating an eco-friendly home is a step to bettering your health. How? This lifestyle change will limit your exposure to chemicals that are harmful to your body and increase the natural ingredients. Starting with small steps helps create a better world for us and an overall better lifestyle.

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Here are some tips that can help with starting this change: 

  • Reusable water bottles: An everyday item that we carry with us all day and everywhere we go. Instead of purchasing a case of plastic bottles, using a water filter can help reduce unnecessary plastic clutter. 
  • Reusable totes: For quick grocery runs, reusable totes are the best option to take with you. 
  • Not using disposable utensils: Substituting for reusable helps reduce the use of plastic.
  • Using Refillable Containers: Nowadays, many companies provide refillables, which can help reduce any excess of purchasing plastic containers. Refill station shops are also excellent ways to refill product containers. Some refill options include hand and body soap and detergent. This helps with providing zero-waste options. 

These tips can help you start making a change toward reducing plastic in your home. Make a change for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle! 

How does Living Juice positively impact the environment? 

Living Juice has committed to operating with a low carbon footprint and only using 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are free from pesticides and herbicides. Our plastic bottles are made of the most recyclable plastic and are BPA-free!

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