Thanksgiving: The Living Juice Way

Thanksgiving: The Living Juice Way

As the holidays slowly approach, many of us anticipate the joyous Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends. During this time, we reflect, express gratitude, and, of course, eat! While the traditional Thanksgiving meal will spotlight hearty dishes and sugar-filled treats, there's no reason not to include some healthier options in the spread. A great option is incorporating Living Juice into the festivities. Let's explore creative ways to tie these nutritious and flavorful juices into the holiday!

Welcome with Mocktail Hour

These holiday gatherings often begin with guests arriving and sipping on beverages while awaiting the grand feast. This could be a good opportunity to set the tone for this celebration by offering various Living Juice's vibrant options. A colorful juice bar could be created with flavors like Fresh Start, Pineapple Punch, and Carrot Kick. Rather than purchasing these flavors individually, use the Build a Box option that Living Juice provides. Provide small bites with fruit and vegetables for an inviting and health-conscious start to the Thanksgiving feast.

 A Versatile Appetizer

A soup appetizer is an excellent way to warm up friends and family before introducing the main courses. Consider preparing a butternut squash soup using Living Juices Carrot Kick as a flavorful base. This will add a natural sweetness and earthy tones that enhance the soup's taste and add nutrition. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt or toasted pumpkin seats for texture and flavor.

Veggies! Veggies! Veggies!

What is Thanksgiving dinner without some roasted vegetables? Living Juice can elevate these classics to a new level. Use Living Juice's Green Vitality and Carrot Kick mixed with agave or sugar-free maple syrup to coat roasted Brussels sprouts or carrots. The combination of fennel, parsley, celery, and carrots will infuse the vegetables with a delightful, savory flavor, making them a fan favorite.

Can't Do it without Cranberry Sauce

Add some pizzazz to a Thanksgiving staple. Combine Living Juice's Red Radiance juice with fresh cranberries, orange zest, and a splash of cinnamon for a unique and sweet sauce that will complement your turkey and your New Year's health goals. This twist will surprise and delight friends and family.

The Star of the Show: Turkey

 For the star herself, the turkey, consider incorporating Living Juice into the preparation. Mix Green Vitality with herbs, garlic, and pink Himalayan salt to create a flavorful brine. Let the turkey soak in this aromatic blend overnight for superior results. Baste the turkey with this mixture during the roasting, adding avocado oil for an extra burst of flavor and moisture.

Help your Digestion!

After indulging in such a bountiful Thanksgiving meal, a little digestive help can provide much-needed relief. Offer your guest a post-meal shot of a variety of Living Juices mini options. Like the regular-sized juices, this can be ordered by the completely customizable box. This will give your guests an option to choose a flavor they enjoy. Ginger, Lemon, and Beet will assist digestion, providing a relaxed and painless end to the meal.


Yes, we can make dessert healthy and delicious too! Incorporate Living Juice's vibrant flavors into everyone's favorite sweet treats. Consider making a Living Juice sorbet or popsicles as a guilt-free dessert option. If a cold dessert is not appealing, use Living Juice's Fresh Start Juice to create a zesty glaze for an almond flour pumpkin pie.

Incorporating Living Juice into your Thanksgiving celebration not only introduces a burst of fresh, nutritious flavors but also encourages a healthier holiday approach. By incorporating these ideas into your Holiday menu, you can create a balanced and satisfying meal that everyone will enjoy. Embrace the season of gratitude by savoring wholesome, delicious food that nourishes both body and soul. Cheers to Thanksgiving filled with flavor, health, and happiness!  

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