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This month, Living Juice has partnered with the JCK Foundation to increase awareness around mental health. We'll be sharing blogs featuring about mental health topics and news. This week, we're looking at a recently conducted survey that shows mental health stigma and shame may be fading in the US. 

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Woman with anxiety - O2 Living blog - hemp extract shown to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety In honor of mental health awareness month, O2 Living will be featuring blogs on mental health topics. This week, we're looking at anxiety disorders and exploring a new alternative form of relief from stress and anxiety. Read More

JCK Foundation - partners with organic cold-pressed Living Juice for mental health awareness this May May is Mental Health Month, and at Living Juice we've partnered with the JCK Foundation. Our juices will feature green caps to represent the color of mental health awareness and will include the story about the JCK Foundation! Read our blog to learn more about the Foundation from the founder! 

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O2 Living - organic cold-pressed juices with fruits and vegetables - green caps for mental health awareness this May
This May, organic, cold-pressed Living Juices are getting a new look for mental health month and awareness with green bottle caps! Green is the color for mental health representing strength, hope, support, and encouragement for all with mental health issues. 
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O2 Living Blog by organic cold-pressed Living Juice - organic lemons We are constantly apprised of the benefits of drinking an adequate amount of water but did you know that the simple addition of fresh lemon juice every morning will create a simple yet healing beverage.  Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of starting your day with a little lemon! Read More
O2 Living Blog - baby with mother - findings from study linking pesticide exposure to poor reproductive health outcomes We've recently been looking into the health impacts of dietary exposure to pesticides and how to avoid pesticides in your fruits and vegetables. This week we're exploring the findings from a study that looked at the relationship between pesticides and birth. Read our blog to learn more! Read More

Organic produce at farmer's market - blog by o2 living organic cold pressed living juiceLast October, a study was published in the Journal of American Medical Association Internal Medicine by a team of French scientists that reported a 25% decrease in overall cancer risk among those who ate relatively high diets of organic food, as compared to those who ate little or no organic diets. Read our blog to learn more about the study and why this may be the first you're hearing about it! 

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Strawberries - on the EWG dirty dozen - blog by O2 Living makers of organic cold pressed living juice The nonprofit Environmental Working Group recently reported their 2019 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce. In this report, the U.S. top 5 fruits and vegetables found to be the most tainted with pesticides were spinach, strawberries, kale, nectarines and apples. Read our blog to learn more about pesticides and how to avoid them!  Read More
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Hemp extract (CBD) has become increasingly popular among women, and for good reason, too. Hemp extract can be used to help ease symptoms of several issues that disproportionately affect women, such as anxiety and inflammation. Read on to hear about gender differences in anxiety and inflammation and how hemp extract (CBD) can help! 

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Positive pregnancy test- O2 Living blog, Women's health in march: pregnant and nursing mothers, blog by makers of organic cold-pressed  juiceSo you and your partner are expecting your first baby and life is becoming frantic with the thought of the new addition. So much to do...so little time! With all the excitement, exhaustion and long lists of to-dos, many expectant and nursing moms wonder how to do it all. Read our blog with some tips for keeping healthy during pregnancy and while nursing!  Read More